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Studying at UCC, Take Two

It has only been about a month and this semester is already radically different than the Fall semester. I was more disoriented than I expected to be after returning from my Christmas break traveling around Europe. Instead of two Germans and a Norwegian, my apartment was filled with all Americans. For me, it was a version of what they call “reverse-culture shock.” They are perfectly nice and all, but I missed being the only one who’s first language was English. I knew we wouldn’t be cooking German dishes I can’t pronounce. There would be conversations about Instagram and Miley Cyrus now. However, when Brogan and I met the massive new group of Ifsa-Butler students, we quickly realized just how far we’d come in a few months. We could answer essentially any question they had about life at UCC and in Cork. There are loads of other things to be excited about for this semester…. I’ve expanded my cooking repertoire beyond pasta and oatmeal and scrambled eggs. Brogan and I are planning an epic trip to Morocco in April. The weather is becoming progressively better. Tons of new international students means tons of new people to hang out with. I don’t get lost anymore. Game of Thrones is back on in April.  I use the UCC library constantly. The farmers’ market is open again.

I have a feeling that May is going to arrive rather quickly..


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