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Welcome Aboard!

Hello all, and welcome to my blog.  This is not the first blog that I have tried to create, but I think that this will be the one that I’ll pay the most attention to.  All of my other efforts at blogging have coalesced into various URLs composed primarily of baseless yammering, and I will endeavor to make this blog something that is entirely more interesting, informative, and (dare I say it!?) fun.  Then again, considering this is my first experience of an extended stay in a foreign country without my family, I bet I’ll have a lot to talk about.

I have to admit that it has taken me an eternity to write this post; not because I could not think of what to say, but because I couldn’t handle all the things that I wanted to say.  I had been so excited for so long about my upcoming semester that I when I finally decided to try to write about it, I found it very difficult to say anything. I felt like I was drowning in the deluge of thoughts and emotions that are associated with my all-too-real-all-too-soon adventure, and any effort on my part to attempt to quantify this flood of emotions into something coherent just seemed to make it all the more difficult to say anything at all.

Thus, pinioned by my own brain, I decided that my best bet was to turn to Google, and after searching “How to write a first blog post PLEASE HELP I’M NEW AT THIS”, I found  a useful outline of how to frame a first blog post.  So, without further ado (because I’ve certainly given you enough ado already), I will proceed to shamelessly crib from that source to finish this post.

1 – Who I am (and why I am going to Buenos Aires): Hi.  I’m Dylan.  I grew up in a small (but still awesome) town in Colorado called Louisville, louisville_-colorado-b  and I go to school in the slightly larger town of Walla Walla, WA (the town so nice they named it twice yukyukyuk). walla_walla_country   I like jazz music (both as a performer and a listener), beautiful scenery, ultimate Frisbee, and colorful pants.  I waste much of my time playing around in nature, even more of my time hacking with computers, and I think math and physics are really cool.

I chose to study abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina congreso_buenos_aires_112308 with IFSA-Butler because I have always been interested in Latino language, culture, and people.  I was born in Panama City, and I grew up studying the language in school.  I have had the opportunity to travel and live in Spanish-speaking countries before, yet despite the many years that I have been exposed to the language and the culture that surrounds it, I have barely scratched the surface of what it really means to be a hispanohablante. In addition to my desire to dive deeper in to Spanish, I also wanted to live in a city that combined both the elegance and intelligence of a European metropolis with the wildness and history of South America.  In researching countries before I decided on Argentina, Buenos Aires seemed like the perfect city for me to blend those two characteristics.

So, with that aside, I look forward to telling you all about my exploits, and I’m sure you’ll get to know me better the more I write.  I have no expectations, and no real idea what on earth I’m getting into, so buckle up!

2 – Why I am blogging:

– Blogging keeps me accountable; I really want to live in the moment when I’m abroad, and I think that blogging will give me some accountability regarding my adventures and thus make my focus on the moment.

– I love to tell stories, and I plan to embark on many excellent adventures that will lead to great stories.  Or at the very, least mediocre stories.

– I believe that beauty and passion (you know, that stuff that makes life worth living) can be found anywhere, especially in everyday life, and I would love to share the account of my search for these precious things with anyone who wants to read it.

– I’ve never really done a long-term blog before (see above reference to baseless yammering), and I would love to try it out.  I think it would be a fantastic learning experience for me, and I know that I will work hard to deliver a professional product.

3 – What will I be blogging about: Honestly, whatever strikes my fancy.  Like I said, I tend to get excited about the mundane, and I can’t guarantee that my life will constantly be super noteworthy while I am down in Buenos Aires.  So, other than my personal exploits (my studies, the people I meet, and the general bustle of day-to-day life), one of my big goals for traveling in Argentina is to learn a lot about the culture there: specifically the music, the food, and the general vibe of the country.  I want to climb a lot, play guitar, immerse myself in the language, get lost in a barrio at 2 AM,and ideally go on some adventures in the outdoors.

4 – How to leave feedback.  Comment!  I love comments!  E-mail me at!  Send me letters!  Tell yo friends!  I’ll be posting my blog posts on Facebook, so those of you who know me there can comment on Facebook!  Go Argentina!  Go traveling!  Go Sweets!


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