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Left or Right?

As I walk the streets of London I continue to feel very confused and unsure about which side of the pavement to walk on…do you keep left because cars drive on the left?  Do you go right, like on an escalator?  Or do you just dodge in and out wherever you can and hope that you don’t get poked in the eye by an umbrella?  This is a serious issue.

Yesterday I was in the Main building on campus, walking to the library and at the stairs, I zig zagged from left to right walking up, as groups of people passed by taking up the whole width of the stairs.  Additionally, sometimes people are stopped on the side, and then I’m even more confused.  There should be rules posted in various places for this.  For instance, in London, there are maps everywhere showing the streets in a 2 mile radius or so.  Essentially, as one of my friends told me, London is saying – I know we are a confusing city, and it’s hard to follow all of this, so we are going to help you by placing maps everywhere.  They really need something like that for which side to stand on…when climbing the stairs, or walking on the pavement.  I do know though, that on an escalator, you stay on the right side unless you are in a rush, then you go to the left side.  When I go on the right side, I seem mistaken, and when I go on the left side I crash into people.  I’m thoroughly confused and I would really appreciate some education in pavement etiquette.



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