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I met Kate Moss

… okay I didn’t exactly “meet” her. It was more of I saw flashing lights across the street, crossed over & it was her. My five seconds of fame was more like 2 seconds of smiling at her while paparazzi flashed their lights in her face while she just tried to walk down the street. Anyway, for those of you that were wondering the story- that’s it. I was on my way to Starbucks around 8 at night & our paths happened to cross. Musta been fate. She is not extremely tall either & actually seemed pretty quiet (with the paparazzi shouting at her & all- or maybe they were shouting for me, huh?).

Anywho, besides hanging out with supermodels this week, I went to Oxford to visit one of my really good friends, Jack (hi Jack)! Besides picking the worst day ever to visit (it was a downpour & hailing), we managed to have a great time (I also managed to not get hit by a car so that was good too). I made him show me all around the campus (twice) & he now probably has pneumonia because it was so cold & rainy (sorry mate). Nonetheless, it was a rainy day but it couldn’t have been better!

Last night I finally got to see “Lone Survivor”- the movie I have been dying to see since I left America. I’m no movie critic but I highly, highly recommend grabbing a pal & going to see it. The story is truly incredible & we really do live among real life heroes. How people are so selfless truly amazes me (that’s all I’m gonna say because if I keep talking about it I won’t stop).

Tonight we will be celebrating the Super Bowl like the true Americans in London that we are. On Friday two of my sorority sisters are coming to visit then my mom will be here for Valentines Day (yes, she is seriously flying across the world to see me for Valentines Day weekend- if that isn’t love I don’t know what is!). After that I am off to Amsterdam & Wales so it will be a busy month over here! I should probably stop this post as it is now full of irrelevant & run-on sentences (is it obvious that I’m really tired?) x’s & o’s-Lo


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