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Starting the Semester off Right

My first day back in class was refreshingly tico. Aaron, Kaitlyn, and I signed up for Phonology and Phonetics, an 8AM class on a Monday. We arrived thirty minutes beforehand already anticipating that the class would be hard to find. We were correct. Although the class is obviously a language class, the assigned classroom was in the Natural Sciences building. After trudging down the campus and back we managed to find the classroom; of course, it was locked. Eventually we happened upon the professor sitting at a picnic table. There, we waited until the rest of the class arrived. True to Tico Time, the last stragglers arrived twenty minutes late. At this point, the professor explained that there was an administration issue and that the assigned classroom wasn´t available for us. Lacking a better solution, we were corralled into a tiny library classroom. There weren´t enough seats and, due to earthquake safety regulations, several students had to wait outside of the classroom and take notes just by listening. The teacher dove right into the subject. It didn´t take her long to realize that the majority of the class was clueless. She stopped and interrogated us as to what we learned last semester. The class level was widely varied, so much so that the professor now has to plan a review into the curriculum to bring all of the students up to speed. By the end of class we neither had a set curriculum, a textbook, nor a designated classroom. That is how to start the semester off right!


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