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I have finally made it to Stirling!

Hello again!

I am sorry it has taken me so long to post again. In the week or so leading up to my departure I was extremely busy finalizing some details and packing. I have in fact made it to Stirling successfully but a lot happened between then and now so I will just go in order.

On the morning I left the weather was atrocious and I ended up having to make the two hour journey to the airport earlier than expected. That would have been just peachy except that I wasn’t finished packing. So, I hurriedly shoved things into my bag in hopes that I wouldn’t have to open it aging until I got to Scotland.

I finally got to Billings and checked-in and all that fun business only to find that my plane was late and sat at my gate for an extra hour. This threw a wrench into things a bit because I was then late getting to Denver and just barely made it to the gate where I was supposed to catch my connection. As it turns out that flight was canceled and I got to spend the night in Denver. So my wish of not having to open my overly stuffed bag was not granted and I was up late trying to more neatly pack the mess.

The next day I got to the Denver airport early and everything went as smoothly as wished it would have the day before. And by 7:30 that night I was on a plane headed for Edinburgh!

I felt so grown up when I successfully made it through immigration, found a cab, and made it to my hotel in plenty of time to clean up and make it to the IFSA sponsored orientation.

During orientation I met the other 6 people going to Stirling through the program-3 of which are English majors. Our program coordinators are so amazing and super helpful which really put my mind at ease.

We arrived in Stirling the next day and I was dumbstruck to see how beautiful it is here. I am not accustomed to seeing so much green especially in the winter! After searching for a bit I finally found my flat and met my lovely Greek roommates Daphne and Becky.

I have been here a week now and I am loving all of it! I will continue to keep you all posted and I will definitely have some pictures up with in the next day or so. Until then!



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