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School in London

School is now in full swing over on this side of the Atlantic. I’m really enjoying all of my classes & my professors are great. They are all ridiculously smart people (duh- they’re professors) but also really understanding. They all said they know we are here to learn, but also know that we are here to travel. With that being said though, that doesn’t mean classes are necessarily “easy.” Classes are challenging & long (3 hours for all you American kids who are used to 1 hour lectures, this is quite different)! When you are in the classroom here you definitely aren’t slacking off. Your brain must be switched to “on” the whole time! I have found this to be a really good thing though.

My first papers are due starting this week and from then on I have a paper due every week until I leave. It sounds like a lot (or does it?) but I’ve found the work here to be enjoyable. Professors really think about the essay topics and work they give you because they want you to really learn and understand the subject. There’s truly no “busy work” over here.

Anywho, it’s time for me to go stuff my face with pizza in central London with my roomies so I’m off! X’s & o’s-Loren


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