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This is Turning into a Food Blog

Given that I’m studying in Ireland, not Italy, I never expected that food would be such a significant part of my experience here. I had a kitchen last year too, but the convenience of take out surpassed any desire to cook for myself often. The reason why food is becoming more notable is that I’ve started cooking it with other people. That community aspect makes all the difference. Eating alone is nice in that you can decide exactly what you want, but that can easily turn into a monotonous routine of pasta. Another IFSA-Butler girl thought it would be a nice idea for the group to get together every Sunday for dinner. Everyone brings a different ingredient and a different person hosts each week. So far we’ve made corn chowder, stir fry, chicken curry soup, and eaten an unreasonable amount of baguettes with olive oil. This week, I’m showing some of the group one of the best fish and chip shops in Ireland, Jackie Lennox. The Sunday dinner routine is by far superior to the plain pasta one. In addition to that, sometimes my friends and I get together randomly to make some pretty elaborate meals. For instance, a few weeks ago we made sushi and dumplings from scratch. Last Sunday, the theme was lemon, so we made lemon muffins and lemon snickerdoodle cookies.

The food is of course way better in Italy, but I’m enjoying the way that it brings people together no matter where you are.

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