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Studying Abroad is About Studying Sometimes

While a huge portion of studying abroad has absolutely nothing to do with school, it is still important, especially in this set up where I’m taking classes with actual, real life Irish students. One of those integrated classes is an English seminar called, Dying is an Art. I’m the only American and everyone else in the room is Irish. There are only 15 of us crammed into a closet of a room that would be more suited to a faculty office, as is typically the case with arts classes in both in Ireland and the U.S. That’s a different discussion though. What I like about this seminar is that everyone is forced to participate, which makes it more engaging. Rather than doze off in a lecture theatre, last week I stood on top of a chair and acted as a psychiatrist in Sarah Kane’s  4.48 Psychosis. As an English major, skimming becomes a habit or else I wouldn’t have a life outside massive reading lists, but I finished Toni Morrison’s Beloved. All of it, the whole thing. I was amazed to find that many of the third year Irish students had never heard of her. Dying is an Art is filled with depressing female authors and poets, but that was part of the appeal for me and the rest of students. It makes for fascinating discussion.


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