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¡He llegado! (I’ve arrived)

After much preparation and craziness at home, I’ve finally arrived in Argentina! Woohoo! It was somewhat tough to pack for the trip- fitting a semester’s worth of stuff in 2 or 3 bags isn’t the easiest! I also had to get some nicer clothes- I’m not exactly the most fashionable person (as my friends know), but looking good is fairly important in Argentina. From what I’ve read, Argentines spend at least an hour, usually more, preparing themselves and dressing themselves for a night on the town. Needless to say, it’s going to be a change to what I’m used to, but hopefully I’ll be able to learn a few tips about looking good from these people :)

My IFSA-Butler program in Mendoza, Argentina, just started on Monday with orientation in Buenos Aires. The entire orientation was very helpful and fun, and it was awesome to finally get to know the other students in my program. I know I’m going to have a wonderful time with them this semester.  In Buenos Aires, we went to a ton of really cool places- La Boca, Plaza de Mayo, La Casa Rosada, and the cemetery where Evita Perón was born, just to name a few. It was a great time, but I’m glad I’m not going to be spending the entire semester there. Fourteen million people is just a few too many for me :) We got into Mendoza last night, and I had my first meal with my wonderful host mother, Alicia. She’s a 50-year-old single mother who is incredibly kind and loves to talk- which is great for me! I think it’s going to be awesome living with her. She has 3 dogs, which is going to be perfect whenever I need a break from the language. Hopefully they won’t speak so fast 😉 Alicia also has a lot of nieces and nephews about my age, and hopefully I’ll be able to get to know them and hang out with them a bit to see what the life of an Argentine student is like.

Before coming to Mendoza, I was in Córdoba, Argentina, for a month. I was volunteering at a daycare and living with a wonderful host family, so I’ve already gotten my feet wet with the Argentine culture. But I’ll still have to adjust to life in Mendoza, which is a bit different from Córdoba. Since the volunteer program I went with isn’t affiliated with IFSA-Butler, I decided to post in a  different blog for my time there. If you want to check it out, the link is here:

More blog posts to come! I’m excited to see how the culture in Córdoba is different from that in Mendoza and to keep practicing my Spanish. I also can’t wait to explore city of Mendoza and see what’s in store for me this semester! I’ll keep you all posted- literally 😉

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  1. Caroline Geiger Says:

    I’m going to be studying in Mendoza with IFSA Butler for the second semester starting at the end of July, and possibly at the same university. I’ve been following your blog and it’s been super helpful! I am so excited to leave for Mendoza. I was wandering how you planned your trip to go to Patagonia because the pictures looked AWESOME and I don’t want to pass up the opportunity to go while I’m there. I also was curious as to how hard it was to register for classes? I’m really worried about it. I want to take a tango class too, so I hope there’s one available! The website for La Universidad de Cuyo is extremely vague so it’s hard for me to decide what to take and which classes will be available. Your blog is great! I can’t wait to hear more. So this isn’t creepy haha here’s my facebook, if you want to add me! It’d be great to have someone to talk to about going, seeing as I’ll be there for 6 months. Chao!

    -Caroline Geiger

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