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I’m Really Lucky (& grateful)

I am one lucky girl. A very lucky girl at that. I haven’t had much time to update my blog with a good post so here’s to hoping this will be an interesting one…

I have been here for almost two months now (what?!) & every day here brings something new. This weekend I am off to travel around the UK for a bit & after that my journey(s) begin to Amsterdam, Dublin, Paris, Budapest, Madrid, Barcelona, Florence, Cinque Terre, Milan, Switzerland, Seville, & Portugal (I’m tired just thinking about it). After Portugal I am headed back to home sweet home- USA. Time is flying by here & I can’t believe the opportunities I have been presented with. I have always had the travel bug & I never thought I would be going to one of the places I just listed let alone all of them.

Most importantly though, I’m starting to feel like a complete local in London now, which is great but also a bit odd. I say this all the time to my roommates but I really feel like I am going to wake up in Chicago three months from now & have dreamt up this whole experience. That is how amazing my time has been over here. I say it is odd because being a foreigner in a different country is really weird. I’m not used to being the foreigner. Many people say that when you’re an American in London, you’re hardly a foreigner. I couldn’t disagree more. London is a melting pot of different people from all over the world & sometimes that can really test you. There is not one culture here, but 8 million people from a whole range of cultures.

I realized I never really posted about who I live with & see everyday- my roommates! I’ve been super lucky because they are amazing (seriously, if they sucked I wouldn’t take the time to write about them…). We are from all over America- Katie hails from San Fran, I’m from Chicago, & Emily is from Connecticut. I think the hardest thing about leaving home for me was not knowing who I would be living with- these were people I was going to need to share my space with for four months! You know those people you didn’t know you needed in your life, then they just show up & you aren’t sure how you all hadn’t been brought together before? That’s kind of how I feel about them. It’s hard to think that two months ago we were all complete strangers & none of us had any idea the others existed. They are butt-kicking, great, people-who-actually-care-about-your-happiness girls. I had been particularly upset about something the other day & they listened to me rant for ten minutes straight (seriously). They then made me laugh for a half- hour straight- they’re those kinda girls. The awesome ones.

A lot of people have also asked me if I’ve gotten home sick yet- especially the locals. “Is it hard being so far away? Isn’t it sad missing family events? How did you come here knowing no one?” Yes, I do miss home, but my life at home is still there (sorry for those of you that thought you were rid of me!). I’m from a great city where I have an amazing family & wonderful friends (is it obvious that I am really lucky??). I think it’s natural to miss people & things that I’ve never had the opportunity to miss. Life here is amazing, but so is my life in Chicago (you can breath a sigh of relief now mom & dad). I am really lucky, happy, & grateful.

This post is much longer than I intended & it is definitely past my bedtime at this point so I’m signing out for now… x’s & o’s- Lo.


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  1. Erin O Says:

    So many places to go, so little time!! Sad Roma didn’t make the list but you are gonna have such an amazing time :)

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