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The Cold Hard Truth

Dear America,

Australia is way hotter than you. Excuse me for being so straightforward, but it’s the truth. From the Opera House, to the Harbor Bridge, to the Blue Ridge Mountains and finally Manly Beach, Sydney has proven many times over ┬áthat it brings the heat no matter where you are. That bright sun and blue sky make any excursion in this country a gratifying one. It is almost impossible to stay indoors or feel the slightest bit pessimistic with this weather. Still getting mounds of snow dumped on you? Still suffering from those freak ice storms? How are your Great Lakes looking? Still frozen? Don’t worry, I’m sure everything will thaw out eventually within the next 1-5 months.

Until then I’ll just continue playing in the blue-green surf and white sand of Manly beach. Or walking across the Harbor Bridge while soaking in picturesque views of Sydney Harbor. Outdoor concerts and Rugby games are also on the agenda so I’ll have to find time to squeeze those in…Anyways, I’m sure you can find something fun to do with all that snow besides turning it into gray slush. And all those unhappy people stomping around in the cold are just a bit frustrated – don’t take their harsh comments about hating your winters personally. It’ll pass in time. Eventually. It’s amazing how every Aussie I’ve encountered here is in the highest of spirits. That “no worries” lifestyle is definitely contagious; I could be left stranded in the outback without water while being simultaneously mauled by a snake and dingo, and my only concern would be whether I had put on enough sunscreen. I burn pretty easily.

But my insane happiness is besides the point. I hope you are doing just as well! I’ll continue to check in and keep in touch,

– Caroline



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