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“For the First Time In Forever”

Kia Ora!

Closing out my first full week in Christchurch, I have to say this city is absolutely amazing and I couldn’t be happier with where I chose to study abroad. This week was full of adventures and fun and shopping! I shall recount below.

Sunday and Monday were days of shopping and getting our bearings about us in a stange new city. We hit up the Riccarton Mall (via the bus system) which had a Pak N Save (my new best friend) where we managed to get food for a very good price. We explored the mall a bit and then headed back to our flats with all of our goods. Later on that day we explored the campus a bit to also just get our bearings and just to see what we could see. There is still alot of construction going on because even though the school did not sustain as much damage as other places in Christchurch, they are not taking any chances. All of the buildings are either going through or have already been reinforced in foundation to make it a safer campus. In any case I like the campus and I think it has a certain charm about it. There are two rivers running through it, that’s right two, talk about classy. (Pics should be at bottom of post).

Tuesday was International Orientation day which consisted of lots of talks about how to study, how to travel around the country, and how to fully register for you classes. There was also free food which was fantastic! There was also a safety briefing given by a New Zealand police officer…legit. Some of us tried to enroll that day which was nice since I had to go and get my classes approved by the department heads before I could fully enroll. I have to say I panicked a little but after realizing that I couldn’t enroll until Thursday and it was out of my control and that I would still most likely get all the classes I needed, I relaxed and went on my way.

Wednesday was beach day! Me and some of my mates went out to Sumner Beach which is absolutely beautiful. It was a bit chilly and windy that day so we didn’t spend a whole lot of time actually on the beach. We did find a very cute cafe where we grabbed some lunch and some free wifi! Wifi is so hard to come by here but luckily it is in a lot of shopping malls and in certain stores, like Pak N Save :)

Thursday was actual enrollment day and I got all of my classes! Huzzah! There was also a party at the campus pub The Foundry but instead of going to that we ventured out to a place further away called the Fox and Ferret which was a very happening place. We also managed to find a late night food place that was cheap and delicious!

Friday was the Rugby game! It was quite exciting. We were supporting the Canterbury Crusaders versus the Chiefs (I don’t know where they are from). This event was put on by the staff of the apartments that we are all staying in this semester which was awesome! They provided snacks and food before the game as well as face painting (I got Crusader colored stripes on my face), and then provided tranportation to and from the game. The game was exciting in the second half because the first half the Crusaders would get so close to scoring only to not score…They did end up losing to the Chiefs in the last play of the game which was disappointing but at least I know a little bit more about rugby than before, and I also have a Crusaders flag!

The past two days have been pretty chill and leading up to the first day of class which is tomorrow Feb 24th! For the first time in forever I am actually excited to go to class and also slightly terrified. I must remember how to student because all I know how to do now is sloth (i.e. sleep and eat). However I am more than ready for the challenge of studying in a foreign school and will be looking forward to comparing the New Zealand system with what’s back in America.

Here are some pictures for you. They are of campus and the Rugby game


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