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Host Family #3

Already I am completely in love with my third and final host family! In the intimate family there are three people,  a mom, sister, and cousin. My host mother is a little old lady who tries to force me to eat way too much amazing food. I keep telling her that she is going to fatten me up, but she just laughs and tries to heap more food on my plate. I call her ¨Ti¨ which is short for Tita, a common nickname for grandmother. My accumulation of Spanish slang has somehow managed to impress her and she keeps saying that I talk more tico than real Costa Ricans. Doubtful, but I appreciate the sentiment.  She also watches a menagerie of trashy telenovelas. One program I am ashamed to admit I actually enjoy. At dinner time we always watch Caso Cerrado (Case Closed), a Latino mix between Judge Judy and The Jerry Springer Show. From an academic point of view, watching it exposes me to various accents because it is shot in Miami. Excuses.

My host sister of thirty some years is a complete jokester. She practically bounces around the house with energy and enthusiasm. I don´t see her very often because she is always busy at La Condesa, a five star hotel, where she manages wedding planning.

Her ten year old son with puppy dog eyes and hamster cheeks is an absolute teddy bear. He almost exclusively says ¨Hola¨ to me, probably out of shyness. In school he is learning English. I was checking his notebook and the only thing the students had learned so far were English salutations. ¨Hello, how are you? Good day. See you later.¨ They were pretty standard, until I got to ¨pure life.¨ I almost died. Pura vida definitely does not translate well as a greeting.  ti-y-dres



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