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“Eye” See London!

My first two days after arriving in the UK were spent at orientation for IFSA-Butler. Besides being informed of tid-bits of information for study, travel and daily living in the UK, we also went on a walking tour of London. The two-hour walk was packed full of information and covered LOTS of London ground. From Apple Market to Buckingham Palace and everything in between (including the London Eye and Big Ben) we learned tons of interesting facts about the history of London and the monuments embedded in the streets.

For instance, the iconic Big Ben clock received it’s name because it’s designer’s name was Ben and he himself is said to have been shaped like a bell. In fact, the name “Big Ben” refers to the bell inside the tower, not the clock itself.

Another fun fact is that the London Eye was a design entered into a contest by a husband and wife. But, disappointed by the entries, the officials canceled the competition. Disheartened and hell-bent on making their vision a reality, the couple went to contest that their design be employed. Now, years later, the Eye is one of the most iconic components of London. The 30 minute go around was easily worth £20 for the experience of a lifetime, and is something that I recommend any London visitor to embark on. Take a peek at my video to catch a glimpse of what I saw during my quick stay in London!



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