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People always say that some of your best friends are the people you meet in college.  I can definitely say that this is true for me. I already know that some of the people I have met here in the last five months will be life-long friends of mine. The experiences we share and stories we have are priceless and nothing leading up to this point in my life comes close to paralleling them. Every single day, new things are happening with us and our friendship is constantly growing. I never imagined that I would meet such great people in the short amount of time I have been in Ireland.

Last weekend, Caitriona invited two of her friends from Manchester to come stay with us. We had planned on going out so Eleanor and Paige could properly experience Belfast for the first time but things got a little too crazy. Long story short, we did not make it out to the club. But everything was cool and we just relaxed the rest of the weekend. Hopefully they can find time to come back so we can rightfully party it up in the city!

This time of the year is when students start looking for houses to live in for the next school year. It is fun getting to listen to what everybody has to say about the showings they go to. Some houses seem like mansions and others sound like places my parents would not allow me to live in! Caitriona, Danielle, Niamh, and Vicky found their future house last week and they all seem pretty excited for it. I was talking to Caitriona and Danielle and they decided that want to make a bunk bed so that they have more room to do activities! I am sure that if they go through with the bunk bed idea, the extra room will be used as a massive walk-in closet! I hope I can find some time next year to come visit them!

Caitriona and Danielle

Tuesday is the big night to go out to a nightclub called Box at the Odyssey. This last Tuesday, I spent a lot of my time with the guys. It is nice to have some “bro time” when you live on a floor with nine girls. Jonathan and Ryan are two really close friends I have here and they are so much fun to go out with. They really know how to have a good time and when they are out, they just let loose. I have crawled out of my shell a lot since I have gotten to know them! I never stop looking forward to next time I get to hang out with them.


On Friday, I got to go to the Antrim Coast with the Americans. We started at the Carrick-A-Rede rope bridge, then went to Giant’s Causeway, and finished at the ruins of Dunluce Castle. We had a tour guide on the coach with us so he gave us tons of information about everything the entire way up. The last time I was here in 2010, the entire island of Carrickarede was open to walk on. Unfortunately for us this time, it was a little too windy so we could not go out on top of the island. Giant’s Causeway was not as interesting as I thought it would be. Again, I was here in 2010 so I got to see this all once before. Hexagonal shaped rocks are only so interesting… But we had pretty good weather so my pictures turned out great! Dunluce Castle was our last stop and that was really cool. I had never been there before so I did not know what to expect. Apparently the castle has been there since the 13th century! Caroline and Lily (two of the Americans) wanted to pick out rooms as if we were to move in together. They said that I would get to live in the kitchen (or what remained of it). Jokes on them though – I can only make pasta and rice!

Carrick-A-Rede Giant's Causeway Dunluce Castle

Saturday night was just as relaxed and fun as always. Since all of the Irish go home on the weekends, the English and I tend to spend a lot of time together (which I love!). Most of the time Caitriona’s friend Cloda comes over from Stranmillis to spend the evening with us. We usually just watch “cringe-worthy” reality shows and maybe a movie or two. This last time, Cloda came with her friend Sophie. We ordered Domino’s (which is the greatest thing to ever happen to the pizza industry), watched the UK version of the Voice, and watched the movie the Lovely Bones. I really enjoy the weekends because they give me a chance to catch up on sleep and just kick back with friends.

English People

I have been having a great time with everybody these past few weeks. It seems that our friendships are getting stronger with every moment that passes. I know for a fact these people will be a part of my life for a very long time!

Oh, and on a completely random side note, shout out to Peter Tresnan! Because why not?!


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