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Do Not Procrastinate.

Last week was reading week, and I went to Belgium.  Belgium was wonderful; I loved the culture, and the history and overall it was a lot of fun.  There will be another post exclusively about Belgium though.  This post is about the week before reading week.  I had two essays due, one on Thursday, and one for Friday.  The one that was due Thursday was easy, and I knew exactly what I wanted to say, so it was all okay.  However, the one for Friday was a little more stressful.  For starters, I had done all the research before hand, and knew exactly what I wanted to say, I just need to construct the essay.  On Thursday night, after having no sleep Wednesday night, I planned on having a short nap, but I ended up sleeping until 6am Friday morning.  I was a little panic-y waking up with a full essay to write by 2pm that day, but I picked up some confidence and optimism and started writing.  I also had class at 11am, which is usually a travelling and walking around London class, but luckily that day was a seminar class in the lecture room.  By class time, I was almost done, about 300 words under.  In class, we were all on our computers and I was half paying attention to the video we were watching, and taking notes on that, and half concentrating on my essay.  Class finished at 1pm, and I headed over to the department of archaeology, as my essay was for my Ancient Egypt in London Collections class.  I logged on to a computer in the lab, and finished my essay.  I did two rounds of proofreading, and the bibliography in about forty minutes.  Then, I printed everything.  The printing at UCL is a little different than what I’m used to.  My ID is connected to a printing account just for me, and when I print papers from a UCL computer, it goes to my print account from my log-on.  Then, I can go to any printer on campus and swipe my ID, and it will show me the pages that I sent for printing and I can pick what I want to print.  The first printer I went to was broken.  The second one worked, and I printed out the eight page essay, and bibliography.  Then, I realised that I need a second copy for the second reader of the essay – again something they do differently here.  I made the second copy, and it was 1:52pm.  I ran downstairs one floor to get a cover sheet, then ran to the front desk to fill out the cover sheet and staple it all together.  I submitted my essay in the box at 1:58pm, gave a high five to the front desk secretary and waltzed on out!  Although I ended up being okay, do not procrastinate.  Procrastination is bad, and stressful.

Have a good day!  And look out for a few more posts this week – I’m playing catch up.


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