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R&G Week is for Charity, Sort Of

They talked about Raise and Give Week, or Rag Week as it’s more commonly referred to, at the first day of orientation. This week was hyped up to be one of the most exciting weeks of the year. Those orientation leaders surely did not exaggerate. Many classes were canceled, special Garda members were placed on campus and at the student accommodations, hoodies with “Breaking Rag” embroidered on the Breaking Bad logo were for sale,¬†and so many Facebook event invites popped up that it was overwhelming. Rag Week is intended to be five days of intense fundraising for charities. Charity is certainly the central focus, but there is way more to it than that. The schedule events included things like a pizza eating competition, silent disco, zombie outbreak, gokart racing, and the nearly naked mile (which I participated in). In the classes that were taking place, barely anyone showed up. The crepe stand and hot chocolate stand were both stationed on campus all week. The real Rag Week took place after school hours. Almost every club in town had featured charity events. It was entirely acceptable and almost expected to go out every night that week. Staying out until 3am Tuesday- Thursday was enough for me and I still got quite the experience. Not surprisingly, Student Health Services has been full to the brim this week after all of the festivities. It’s comforting to know that I am one of the many suffering from a post-Rag Week cold. Totally worth it though.

naked mile

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