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I Got to Help Judge Battle of the Bands

As I said before, one of the best ways that I’ve gotten to meet Irish people (aside from dancing in bars), is through the Live Music Society at UCC. I was intimidated to be on the committee at first because it was comprised of almost all guys and I was the only non-Irish person. Throughout the past six months, I’ve become really involved in the society and always appreciated how welcoming the rest of the committee was. We have organized tons of events and I attended nearly all of them. However, this week I got to participate in a new way. Our largest event of the year is the Battle of the Bands competition, where 12 bands compete for some pretty lofty prizes (cash, recording time, etc.). The competition runs for about a month in a local music venue downtown and each week is a different heat. Bands that entered this year’s competition range from indie rock to metal to singer songwriters. Their final score is determined by audience votes and more substantially by a panel of judges. The judges for each heat typically included our society president, another experienced committee member, and a special guest like the previous year’s winning lead singer. This week was the wild card heat to decide the last band that would make it into the final round and I got to be a judge! It was primarily because no one else wanted to do it, but also the committee trusted me enough to put me in that role for the night regardless of my rookie status. I was nervous at first, but judging turned out to be quite a fun challenge. At the end of the night, I got an approving nod as the society president looked over my scores.


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