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The Weather Here is Absolutely Mental

In America, talking about the weather constantly is seen as annoying and a cop-out to a conversation of real substance. By contrast, the Irish love to talk about the weather. They love complaining when it’s cold and raining or scoffing at those who overreact to it or on those rare days of sunshine they rejoice very vocally. The funny part is that it rains nearly half the days in a year and yet few Irish people wear rain boots or use umbrellas. People who do take advantage of those tools (me) immediately stand out as a foreigner. The Irish tend to brave the weather because they’re so used to it, but they are equally distressed every time it rains. I actually saw a fiddle player performing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” outside in the pouring rain last week. It’s understandable why the Irish view of weather is a bit conflicted, the climate here is pure chaos or mental as they’d say. Yesterday there was snow, sun, ominous looking clouds, and a rainbow all at the same time. I’ve given up on dressing well for the weather, it’s always a leap of faith when I walk out the door in the morning. I don’t bother looking at because the predictions will likely change in a few minutes. The lesson has been: don’t stress about the rain, it’ll happen at some point whether you like it or not and you’ll manage. You might get drenched, but you’ll be okay. Then you can complain about how much it sucks and no one will silently judge, they will commiserate right along with you.


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