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Barcelona week 8

I can’t believe that I am about halfway done with my abroad experience. These past couple of months have taught me so much that cannot be learned in a classroom, and I have had some of the best experiences of my life.

This week, I had a particularly good time at my internship because my boss was in Madrid. My other boss, who is only here half the time, didn’t have much work for me to do (meaning I got to listen to music, work on school projects, and listen to music), and when he did, it was editing a PowerPoint presentation (which I really like doing). My boss even bought me a really good lunch one day!

I went to the Bunkers del Carmel again at sunset this week, but this time it was with a friend that I met in Porto, Portugal. She volunteered at my hostel, and I hung out with her quite a bit. She wanted to come to Barcelona, and so I got to take her to a cool, “local” site. We sat up there for hours, eating sandwiches, and enjoying the view. I also took her to my favorite tapas bar, and walked her around my neighborhood. 

I gave my first presentation in my Marketing class, and my teacher absolutely loved it. I based the project on a business model from my business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi, which lowered the amount of work I had to do.

I got a progress report in my Spanish class (meaning that I got to sleep in an extra hour and a half and only go to class for 5 minutes), and my teacher said that I have made a lot of progress in class! She said that she could tell a difference, and I just needed to improve my grammar (which is really hard, considering she teaches in Spanish, which I don’t understand…)

On Friday, I went on a random adventure. After waking up at 3:00, I went to Placa Espanya. I was going to go to she shopping mall there (which is an old bull fighting ring, but since bull fighting is now outlawed in Barcelona, it is a popular mall), but instead saw a beautiful huge art museum at the top of the hill, and I climbed to it. Little did I know that I was climbing Montjuic (“Jewish Mountain”), which is where the Olympics were held in 1992. I got to walk around the old Olympics sites and it was all really beautiful. Not to mention, a cool view of the city and the sea. I later met up with friends and went to dinner, where I had the best patatas bravas of my life. 

On Sunday, I went on a day trip to beautiful Sitges for Carnival! Carnival is located in most cities in Spain, and it is an exhilarating festival celebrated before Lent. The streets and towns are filled with wild partying, humor, costumes, parodies, parades, and more. The city was so beautiful; I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I was so happy I went. I wore a mask, and still wasn’t dressed up enough. We saw a children’s parade, and then headed to the beautiful beach. It was actually hot (a lovely change from the last couple of months), and I even took off my long sleeved shirt. We laid outside on the beach for over an hour, watching a surfer, talking, laying out, and sleeping. After, we walked around and found some of Lucy and Silvana’s friends. We went a got pizza and drinks, and then saw a wild adult’s parade. Everyone in Sitges was in costume, drunk, throwing confetti and bottles of alcohol everywhere, which was just hilarious. We then found the Lizard Lounge club, which was free entrance on our trip, and danced for a couple of hours. Fun, but exhausting, day. 

I had pretty awesome night life experiences this week. I went to Shoko on Wednesday, Bling Bling on Thursday, Razzmatazz on Friday, Opium on Saturday, and Lizard Lounge in Sitges on Sunday. A lot of good memories with good friends. The best part was, it was all free. At Shoko I got free drinks as well as free entrance, Bling Bling always has the chocolate fountain, Razzmatazz is usually 17 euros entrance, but Martine’s brother had a friend of a friend who got us in for free, and Opium and Lizard Lounge were both free entrance. All clubs had a different atmosphere (for example, Shoko was playing 70s music, Razzmatazz plays rock music in 2 of their 5 rooms and attracts a, um, different/edgy crowd, and the others played Top 40 hits and have dress codes). My friend Martine had her brother Anton visit her this weekend, so I always went out with them and showed him a good time in Barcelona. 

Next week, a friend of mine from back home is coming to visit me! In addition, I’m going to see my Norwegian friend soon :)

Stay classy, San Diego.


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