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Real World: Uni Edition

Dear America,

So the honeymoon has officially come to an end. Classes are now in session at Sydney Uni and it’s time to get back to work. Having spent the last two weeks running around Sydney without a care in the world, laying out on the beach and strolling around parks, adhering to an academic schedule is going to be an interesting transition. This is especially true since the most intellectually challenging feat I’ve had to perform in the last 3 months was figuring out how to work a Flip camcorder.

Now I get to gain a whole new perspective of Australia from the inside of a lecture hall. Filled with 500 of my closest friends. Even I am used  to knowing the faces and names of all my classmates, which is a real achievement since I tend to retain new names for a maximum time of about 27 minutes. Hopefully I’ll learn at a 2 names per week rate but I may just end up calling everyone mate. One thing I cannot get around however is the size of campus. You don’t realize just how big Sydney Uni is until you’re 15 minutes late for biology and are running  in circles looking for the correct building while trying to avoid getting drenched by the monsoon that’s just about to open up above you. Great first day by the way. My navigation skills are just about as sharp as my ability to recall names so I’ve resolved to keeping a campus map with me at all times, regardless of how much of a novice it makes me look. At least I have my friends Mate 1 and Mate 2 to help guide me as well.

The next few weeks will determine how my relationship with Australia withstands the messy real world. I think we’ll make it through the stress/late nights tired yet still intact. However, the lectures are recorded online – just in case we need to take a beach day.

Catch you on the flip side – Caroline


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  1. India K. - Mate 3 Says:

    AHhhh sounds like you are having the best time!!! I am loving these posts!!!

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