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First week of classes!

On Monday, March 3rd, students grabbed their books and headed to campus for the official first day of class!
That’s right, this week kicked off the beginning of a brand new semester here at Griffith University, Gold Coast!
I have to admit, it was quite strange getting back into the swing of things after two weeks of exploration, partying, and soaking up the sweet sun. So far, I love my classes. I am taking a total of four classes here. Half of my classes are Art classes, which makes me extremely happy. At Griffith University, you have lectures and tutorials for every class, which is different from what I am used to back home.

My week has been awesome so far. I have learned so much this week, in and out of the classroom. I also really enjoy my class schedule. On Mondays and Tuesdays, I only have two classes. This week, both Monday and Tuesday went by pretty fast, but it is important to note that they were the first two days where I experienced culture shock for the first time since being in Australia. When I was sitting in my first class, I found myself looking around the room, realizing I was the only American student, that’s when reality hit… I am studying abroad!!! But it’s not a bad thing, it’s actually pretty cool. I love knowing that I am getting a whole new educational experience than what I am used to.

On Wednesdays, I have no classes! (Pretty sweet, right?)
So yesterday was a great day of relaxation and no worries.  My roommates and I went out last night to Sin City, which is a night club located in Surfers Paradise. Griffith University Village actually provides free bus rides there and we also get free entry into the club! We had some friends over our apartment until the busses arrived, then we hopped on a bus to the club with a bunch of other students who live in the village.

We had a really fun night!!

Today, which happens to be Thursday, March 6th, I had both a lecture and a studio class for a course I am taking, titled: Digital Photography. During studio, the professor had us go outside and walk around campus, testing out different lighting exposures with our cameras. Now I have some great shots of campus on my camera, which will hopefully help me get more familiar with where everything is!

And Tomorrow, which is Friday, I only have one class and it is not until late in the afternoon, so you bet I will be going out tonight with my roommates to Parkwood Tavern, which everyone refers to as “Tav!” It’s the place to be on Thursday nights.

Well, that is all for now!


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