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Pictures from Argentina

Hey everyone.

Here are some pictures to go along with my last blog post.


This is the Chilean Bicentennial Celebration in our Plaza Independencia. They come to Mendoza to celebrate because it´s cheaper here, and in return we get chilean empanadas and interesting drinks.


We tried a strawberry wine (literally red wine that they had left tons of strawberries in for a while), gancia and cola de mono. Cola de mono is like a Chilean white russian.


This was the Argentine reggae concert/protest that was going on that same night. Awesome music, and it was interesting to see how the youth is still so involved in the political disappearances forty years ago.


This is mom, grandma and I at the thermal springs in Cacheuta, about an hour from Mendoza, covered in the spa´s special mud.


Lirolay is the name of the hotel we stayed at in Bariloche, though I think of it more as a castle. It was right on the side of Lake Nahuel Huapi and 7 km from the city center. We had the most beautiful view from our apartment.


We went on a boat tour to Isla Victoria and Bosque de los Arrayanes. These are the Arrayanes, the trees that inspired Walt Disney´s animation crew to create the forest in Bambi.

ruta 40

On the afternoon ride home, Ruta 40 didn´t disappoint as we drove through the beautiful lake region of Northern Patagonia.

Hope you´ve enjoyed my journey so far.

Until next time,



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