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Barcelona week 9

I must admit, I have missed some things about home. Peanut butter, TexMex food on the reg, BBQ in Texas, living on campus, and knowing the language. But, my friend who is visiting me tomorrow is bringing me peanut butter, I ate at a TexMex restaurant this week and now know where to buy tortillas, I do love living in my residencia, and I am learning the language faster and faster.

On Monday, after work and talking to my parents for an hour, I watched a Carnaval parade that was outside my residencia balcony. The people in the parade even threw candy up to us. 

My internship was also pretty great this week. On Wednesday, my bosses were both gone, so I did some fun work on a PowerPoint and then hung out and listened to music with the other intern for a couple of hours. When I went home, I got ready to go to the Rosario Flores concert! Sammy and I got to go to Plau de la Musica, which is such a beautiful venue with such intricate architecture. The ceiling was really high and the tiling was so detailed. The concert was actually really good too- she sang cool pop flamenco songs, danced a lot, and I really liked the music. 

Another fun thing that happened this week was I went running three times, and one of them was on the beach. The weather was so perfect this week that it was impossible to not grab some pictures. After I went running, I celebrated a friend’s birthday at La Rosa Negra, a delicious TexMex place here. That is only the 4th TexMex restaurant I’ve seen, and the only one I have been two. Having a margarita and tacos reminded me of back home, and it was beautiful. 

I went to the beach twice this week. On Friday, after internship catchup meeting with my adviser, I went to the beach for 5 hours, read Angels and Demons, and dozed. My friend Martine came and joined me, and we ate chips and apples, drank Sangria, and talked for a couple of hours while watching the sunset. The next day, 7 of us from the residencia went to watch the sunset at the beach. We went and bought stuff to make for sandwiches and ate dinner on the sand at sunset. I will never get tired going to the beach. 

Another really fun thing I did this week was go to a concert. My friend’s cousin was performing, and we went to this cute bar called Cara B. They played American 70s music, had so many beer options, and we got to relax while listening to Indie music for a couple of hours. 

I also went to Brunch and Cake again on Sunday, with Sammy and her boyfriend. I had a delicious sandwich, which has filled me up until I go to a free dinner at Shoko tonight!

This week, the clubs that I went to were Otto Zutz, Bling Bling, and Opium. I even had VIP access to all of them. I have gotten into a pretty similar rhythm and go to a lot of the same clubs, but I really like them. At Otto Zutz we were celebrating a friend’s 21st birthday, and they played a lot of really good American music. Bling Bling’s chocolate foundation is always delicious. Opium, however, was kind of strange. It was Abroadfest this weekend, meaning that thousands of American study abroad students in Europe came to Barcelona to party for one weekend (meaning, that for those of us lucky ones that live in Abroadfest for four months, this weekend was just overcrowded and not near the Barcelona fun that I experience). We just sat in VIP at Opium for hours because it was too busy for them to give us anything for free, and too crowded for us to dance.

One of my friends back home is coming to visit me tomorrow! That means that I am taking vacation days at the internship, and skipping a day of class. I will have five whole days with him, and then a couple of afternoons and nights. I can’t wait!



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