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Argyll Forest Weekend

Hello Everyone,

So since my last entry I have been consumed by the daunting task of writing essays. You can probably imagine that it doesn’t leave much time for anything else, so last week was pretty dull. I did however, make a journey to Glasgow to see the band The Head the Heart. They were OUTSTANDING! At one point one of the singers jumped off the stage and danced around in the crowd until a nervous looking security guard boosted him back on stage.

Another exciting/slightly terrifying experience was the IFSA-Butler trip to the Argyll Forest. Friday afternoon we caught a bus that took us on a lovely ride through Glasgow to the Benmore Center nestled in the breathtaking Argyll landscape. After settling in and a great meal we (the girls from Stirling) gathered in the common room to watch Rob Roy.

The next day we started early with our “activities”. For some strange reason I thought that the high ropes course sounded fun so after suiting up in our not so flattering red rain gear and harnesses we set off. I am not one who likes to leave things to chance so when I saw that the course was submerged in about 2 inches of water and adding in my clumsiness I decided it would be best to stay on the ground and belay for the other members of my group. Now I make it seem like this whole thing was dangerous and scary, but looking back on it now the instructors had everything completely under control and were sure that it was safe.

So after my hands had warmed up and we sat down for soup and sandwiches I made the decision to go off on my own for a while and take pictures. I went for a lovely stroll through the paths by the house and up the nearby hills. I was completely overwhelmed by the beauty of the surrounding forest and hills that I had to stop many times just to take it all in.

After my lovely walk and time to relax and hear about everyone else’s day we gathered once again to watch Braveheart. The next morning we loaded up and returned to Stirling where I was able to catch up on my rest and go through my pictures. I have put some of the best below so you can see just a wee bit of the incredible Argyll Forest.

That is all for this week. I will write again soon!



2 Responses to “Argyll Forest Weekend”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Ha! Nicole– the Head and the Heart are friends of mine!! We’ve known each other since a few of them were servers at a bar near my house in Seattle. Small world. I’ll tell them you loved the show!

  2. Nicole Says:

    Oh my gosh please do!! I have had their new album on repeat for the last week haha. I went with two other girls from IFSA and we had such a great time!!

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