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A Great Big World

Dear America,

It’s really easy to be yourself with Australia. No matter how unusual or offbeat you consider yourself to be, simply turn around and I  guarantee there will be a group of people discussing their  love for Icelandic rock music – the very same genre that comprises your Spotify playlist.  There’s just room for everyone here. Walking to Uni campus is like passing through a parade of various cultures, trends, ideals, and orientations. Sydney students take pride in their unique styles by always dressing to impress/awe/occasionally alarm.  And to think that a few years ago just the thought of parting my hair on the right side, as opposed to the typical left, made me break out in a nervous sweat. The best part about this hodgepodge of characters is that everyone is okay with everyone else. Stands publicizing the detrimental effects of coal mining on Australian wildlife are situated next to rallies petitioning for the approval of a hydraulic fracking project. A university run gay-rights march passes right by a meeting being held by the Student Conservative Association. Sydney Uni campus seems to exist in a peaceful state of equilibrium.

This type of an environment is just what students need to thrive. Trying new things is #3 on my list of favorite things. #2 if we exclude food from that list. The comfortable freedom of self expression makes one willing to experience more: Why not attend that meeting on Aboriginal poverty issues? Or try out that African themed cooking class? And go ahead, talk to that guy sitting next to you in Anthropology who’s wearing purple nail polish, (it is a nice color). Australia makes you happy with yourself and those around you – and a girl always likes to feel loved.

TTYL – Caroline


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