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That Week Where It Rained Constantly

What’s up everybody?

So continuing on my track of trying to catch up with blog posts I meant to write this about three weeks ago.  This was a very intense weather week that included torential downpours of rain, hail and the most amazing wind gusts I have experienced walking around in, ever. Needless to say that I was most definitely not expecting that my second week in Christchurch. I’m not sure why I wasn’t expecting it, because I had heard that they could go through all four seasons in one day here and that was definitely experienced that Monday.  The best part about this was when I went to go get pasta sauce for our potluck dinner meeting  for IFSA.

It looked like it had finally stopped raining for the day even though it was still a bit cloudy and I was like yes this is my time! So I walked outside not wearing my windbreaker and toting a very sketchy umbrella and literally about 30 seconds into my walk to the local grocery store it starts raining. I’m like ok..I got this *whips out umbrella* and keep walking. Well then I turn onto the main street I have to go down and a wall of wind just blasts me backwards and renders my umbrella essentially useless because it keeps getting blown inside out. Sadly, I had to give up on my umbrella and just keep on trucking through this awful weather because I REALLY needed that pasta sauce. I walked further down the street and  it started hailing, right in my face, and let me tell you, definitely not the most fun experience I’ve ever had. I mean how fun would it be to have tiny frozen balls of ice flung at your face for 10 minutes, but I finally made it to the store and looked like a drowned rat. Luckily when I walked back it wasn’t hailing and also the wind was at my back and thus pushed me back to my flat and warmth.

So that was my experience with some extreme New Zealand weather. It also continued pouring down rain for most of the week and a lot of places flooded, including campus. I had thought that my biggest natural concern would be earthquakes, but I have yet to feel one. It looks like my main concern here will be the rain and colder temperatures. That being said, its been gorgeous that past week or so…yay New Zealand weather. You just never know what you’re going to get here.


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