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Barcelona week 11

This week wasn’t anywhere near as eventful as last week, since I don’t have any visitors and had to go back to the “real world,” but some cool things still happened this week.

The weather is finally beginning to be nice in these last couple of weeks, and Spain has transformed into all that I imagined a Spring would be like. Days on the beach, people already swimming, low winds and peaceful walks, and the smell of flowers in the parks and gardens. I studied out by the beach a couple of times this week, which basically just meant that I studied 25% of the time, and watched the waves the other 75% of the time. Later in the week, I walked along the entire beach, which was a lot longer than I thought. Did you know that Barceloneta’s sand is fake, and imported? It kind of ruins the illusion of the beach, but if you forget about it, it still seems beautiful and natural. 

I also went to see the Montjuic light show again this week. The first performance of this coordinated display of color, light, motion, music, and water acrobatics was actually in 1929 during the Great Universal Exhibition. The 2,600 liters of water pumped through the fountain per second do make for a spectacular show. 

There are many museums and sites that are free on Saturdays and Sundays in Barcelona, so on Saturday a couple of friends and I went to enjoy the National Museum of Art- for free. From the outside, the museum appears to be a castle, and inside it is almost equally as grand. There were many nice exhibits ranging thousands of years. The recent Barcelona photography exhibit was my favorite- some pictures made me laugh out loud, and I enjoyed seeing pictures around the city that I love so much. 

On Sunday, after running and finding a beautiful part and canoeing area near the Arc de Triumf, my friend Martine and I went on a picnic to the Botanical Gardens on Monjuic. She made a delicious meal (full of fresh vegetables, fruits, and treats from her home in Holland), and I brought Nutella and Sangria. We hung out outside for hours, eating and talking and having fun. We were going to do homework, but in Spain, that hardly ever happens :) 

I went out with groups of different friends this week, and we went to some different places, which was really cool. On Wednesday, I went to Razzmatazz, a rock and roll club known for its many rooms, proud gay people, and fun environment. We went to a bar first, on the other side of town, which was also a good (but loud and busy) time. Wednesday night is Erasmus night (Or, in American, Study Abroad night), so I got to meet people from all around the world.  

On Thursday, Martine and I went to our favorite club for the chocolate fountain (which is always delicious), but then left to join our residencia friends at OttoZutz, a club that plays a lot of Top 40 and American music. Most every song they play there is “my jam,” and really easy to dance to. 

On Friday, I went to my favorite club (Opium), after hanging out with my friend from my program, Sammy, and my two Mexican friends at a bar and on the beach.

Then, on Saturday, some of my friends had a going away party for a local friend who is moving to Andorra. So, we went to his apartment and then headed to a really upscale club (where I actually wore heels- shocker) and danced to both Latina and Top 40 music, in two different rooms. It was a really fun way to say goodbye- minus the two drunk guys who almost tried to get in a fight with one of my friends for no reason. 

On Sunday night, I went to watch part of the FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid futbol game. We watched the game and had free champagne, and the stayed around later for a free Asian dinner. We were sitting around talking casually, when a promoter came over and told us that Beyonce was at the same club, eating dinner as well. She was behind a curtain with bodyguards. It was pretty painful to know she was in the same place as us, and we couldn’t see her, but we eventually saw her coming out of the bathroom, which was pretty stupid but also kinda cool! 


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