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$$ Ain’t a Thing

Dear America,

Australia is proving to be a bit more high maintenance than expected. Though every day I’m abroad I wake up more cultured, insightful, and just knowledgeable about all things everywhere, my bank account is not experiencing such growth. Instead it has taken more of an abrupt, plummeting tail-spin into a seemingly endless abyss.  Lately Australia seems to be asking for more and more of my colorful Aussie dollars. The fact that they’re so pretty makes parting with them all the more difficult. To prevent myself from throwing money at less important expenses, like food or laundry, I’ve had to develop a budget so I can spend it on things that really matter, like bus tickets to the beach and whale watching excursions. And the dishes I keep breaking.

There are definitely some benefits to following my sensible financial plan:

  1. I’ve been able to live out my dream of eating cereal for every meal.
  2. Finding coins on the ground brings me joy as I’ve never felt before.
  3. I may have worn the same shorts for three days and have dangerously low blood sugar, but I’m tan. And with whales.
  4. Free Wi-fi reminds me that there is still good in the world.
  5. I’ve come dangerously close to purchasing a life size One Direction cutout. Twice. I need limits.

So in conclusion: whales, cereal, tan, and budgets. I’m dealing with Australia’s diva-esque demands as they come and hopefully in the end might even get some life skills out of it. But let’s not get crazy.

Adio$ – Caroline


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