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It’s been awhile…

Hello Followers,

I sincerely apologize for my lack of blogging lately!
Honestly, it has been a hectic couple of weeks over here in Australia. But don’t worry, when I say hectic, I mean busy but in a good way :) I have been trying to balance everything better and I think I finally have a handle on things! I cannot get over how it’s already week 5 of classes. Only 8 weeks of class left!!! Speaking of class, Uni work has been a little consuming and has definitely been taking up more of my free time than I expected. But like I said, I have been working on my time management and I made sure to fill my free time with plenty of fun.

I actually just got back from an INCREDIBLE trip…
I spent a wonderful long weekend in Cairns!

From ATVing in the bush, to diving The Great Barrier Reef, to late night pub crawls, I had the time of my life with great friends and definitely made some solid memories!

Could life get any better?


*Pictures coming soon 😉



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