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A Picture Perfect Polluted (P)Saturday in Paris

I wanted the whole title to be of Ps, and it is – because obviously in PSaturday, the P is silent, and often left out.  Anyway, two weekends ago, I went to Paris with my parents (another P!) and we had a great time! My parents left London Thursday morning, and I met them in Paris Friday afternoon, after my class.  I took eurostar for the first time!  It was a lovely train ride, and literally everyone slept, and snored, except me – I was writing an essay.  Upon arriving, the train conductor announced that Paris is too polluted at the moment, and so all public transportation is free for the weekend!!  That was a great surprise, except for my parents who had already bought public transport passes.  Despite the warning of pollution, the air seemed cleaner than London, and definitely better than New York.  The Friday evening, we spent some time with a family friend, and then hit the hay!  On Saturday, my Dad had to do some work in the morning, so my Mum and I set off to explore!  We walked past many interesting places, including: the Opera House, the Eiffel Tower (see photos), the Louvre, the gardens in front of the Louvre (Tuileries Garden), the Lock Love bridge, among others.  After a lovely morning, my Mum and I stopped at a small cafe for lunch, and then met my Dad at the Musee D’Orsay, the famous impressionism art museum.  I loved the museum; impressionism is my favourite in art history, and their collection is unbelievable.  Also, the museum is an old train station which looks amazing and has a fantastic view of the city! That evening, we celebrated a Jewish holiday, Purim and went to a French-English-Hebrew synagogue to celebrate.  Before the celebration, we made sure to stop at a local bakery and try a chocolate croissant.  The Purim celebration was a lot of fun, and it’s a holiday where people dress up and some people had some very funny costumes!  The next morning, we picked up some plain croissants for breakfast, and a baguette for my lunch and headed back to London.  Once back in London, I went home to write essays and eat my baguette, and my parents left for the States.  It was a very lovely weekend and time in Paris, even if it was so short.

In a comparison of cities, I think generally people make a bigger deal of Paris than it really is, but no doubt it’s beautiful and very appealing in many ways.  The food is superb, but at the moment – nothing beats Belgium!  That’s definitely the country to beat at the moment, in my rankings, but I may feel differently after Italy in a few weeks.  We’ll see.  Until next time, enjoy the photos and happy Monday!


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