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Barcelona – week 12

Five more weeks left, even though I feel like I just got here yesterday.

Though this week was a little rainy, I still managed to find some Barcelonan adventures and treasures.

On Wednesday, I had the privilege to go to an FC Barcelona futbol game. The stadium was packed, everyone cheering about the game and Catalan independence. My group of friends tried to cheer with everyone else, though failed at the Spanish and keeping time with the natives. Barcelona won 3 to 0 against Celta, and because Real Madrid lost that night, Barcelona become second in the league. I really want to go to another game- it really is a Barcelona must-see! 

This weekend, since it was really rainy, I stayed indoors all day on Friday and Saturday. But, on Friday, I hung out in my friend’s room for four hours before we went to our favorite club, Opium. I saw one of my coworkers there, as well as two of my friends from back home. We got to hang out and dance and had a good night! 

On Saturday, I went to lunch with my residencia friends. We went to a really good Brazilian food place, and since my roommate is from Brazil, she ordered us all of our drinks and food. After waiting over an hour for it to slow cook, we had delicious Brazilian coke, rice, beans, bread, spices, meats, fruits, and more. 

That afternoon, some friends and I went to buy a birthday present, and after I went to a tapas restaurant dinner with American and Swiss friends, I went to a birthday party! Ten or so of us met at a Colombian friend’s apartment, where she had sandwiches, champagne, and birthday cake. After celebrating for a couple of hours, we went to a club. We got VIP, danced, and hung out at the beach for hours. 

The next day, I woke up at three, but hung out at the residencia with friends all day until I went to dinner and Karoke night with American friends. George Payne’s is an Irish bar, but always seems to be full of Americans. I tried apple cider beer, and got to listen to some of my friends sing Beyonce. 

Other random things I did this week included dinner at my favorite .50 cent tapas place, Moulin Rouge with my residencia girls, perfecting cooking TexMex on a budget, skyping multiple friends back home, getting a new and more comfortable bed, and applying for internships at a cute coffee shop and eating an entire baguette. 


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