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Russell Crowe and The Red Carpet Premiere

Within the first week of being at Cardiff I quickly became part of a Facebook group for all study abroad students.  Sometimes I have trouble finding information, so it’s a great resource for everyone to share news about upcoming events in the City or University.  This proved to be very true last week, which resulted in me snagging some free tickets to the Cardiff regional premiere of Noah!

Earlier in the week a girl had posted a link to a page with tickets for the premiere, which Russell Crowe himself would be attending!  I saw the post immediately, followed the link to the website and snagged up two tickets.  But then I got thinking, “What if this isn’t legitimate?”  Letting my insecurity take control I canceled my tickets.  Did some quick three minute research and then decided I would get a ticket.  (Obviously, I didn’t have a very good order of thinking on this one!)

Realizing this was something I would want to be a part of, I went back to the site and got a ticket – one.  Shortly after I realized, “Why would I only want one, I’m going to want to go with someone!”  Unfortunately the only way to get to the booking page was to cancel the tickets.  So yet again I canceled my tickets, except when I returned to the page…THE TICKETS WERE NO LONGER AVAIALBE!  I was beating myself up for my stupidity and nervousness taking the lead.  However, I saw another post that said new tickets would be up on website until the day of the premiere.  There was a chance!  So naturally, for the remainder of the week, I stalked the website non-stop with a glimmer of hope inside me that I would see the word “Available” underneath the Cardiff section of the page.

Unfortunately, this was not the case.  I checked time and time again, managed to snag tickets to Edinburgh, Scotland premiere where Russell would also be introducing the film earlier that day.  But, I soon realized that paying that much to go to a free movie premiere was a little out of hand.  So instead I dropped the tickets and accepted defeat – well sort of.  I continued to check the page at the mere chance of the heavens aligning in my favor, but knew this chance to be slim.  Regardless, I had decided that even if I couldn’t get to the actual film I would go stalk the red carpet for Russell’s appearance.

Friday, by chance, I decided to check out the premiere page at about 10 past midnight and just about died when I saw the one word I had been looking for the entire week – AVAILABLE!  I moved like a gazelle hitting snatching up the tickets before a snafu would happen.   I seriously sat in shock and immediately messaged a friend who new my saga of a story to come and join me.  We had no idea what to expect with a premiere, but figured it was a once in a lifetime experience that we wouldn’t regret.

The following night we headed to the cinema, picked up our tickets and snagged a spot near right next the red carpet.  After waiting for about an hour Russell Crowe and Douglas Bloom both arrived to greet us all.  As Russell began to peruse the perimeter and greet the crowd I started snapping photos and planning how would I would get his signature – I was determined!  Luckily, he came right by us, gave some autographs and I even got my picture with him!  It was a pretty surreal moment to say the least.  After our nerves and extreme excitement began to subdue we went into the theatre to grab our seats.  Russell then came into the theatre and was, yet again, a mere 15 feet away from us to introduce the film.  It was by far one of the craziest string of events, but an amazing and unforgettable night to say the least!


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