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Adventure Weekend

Last weekend IFSA Butler hosted another amazing trip to Carlingford Adventure Centre! Like Northern Ireland weekend, all the IFSA Butler students from all over the country met up in Carlingford, which is located halfway between Dublin and Belfast, for a weekend full of adventure.

On Friday we all settled into our rooms at the Adventure Centre and had a relaxing evening. We took a tour of the town and ate dinner at a local pub afterwards. For the rest of the night, I just hung out at the Adventure Centre, which I enjoyed because it gave me the chance to meet other IFSA Butler students outside of my program at Maynooth (a.k.a. Caitlin, Amy, and I). The real adventures began on Saturday. My friends and I signed up for the challenge course, laser combat, and the high ropes course.

There were eleven of us total who signed up for the challenge course. This course was full of various physical and mental exercises designed to build trust as well as test our capabilities. We completed around nine mini-challenges as a team, although I will admit we failed about half of them (nevertheless, we had a great time doing it!). These challenges required a lot of teamwork and cooperation. The challenge course wasn’t what I was expecting, but it was still a lot of fun and very entertaining.

I really enjoyed Laser Combat as well because it was like laser tag to the extreme and also every IFSA Butler student signed up for it. We were all given camouflage jumpsuits to wear and a laser gun. We walked 20 minutes through the countryside to this outdoor arena in the forest. The area was very large and had barricades, forts, and bases scattered throughout the forest.  We were split into two teams and played Annihilation where one team would try to kill everyone on the opposite team. It took me a couple of rounds to get the hang of it, but when I did I was unstoppable (at least I like to think I was … actually, I was probably the least threatening person on the field).

The high ropes course was no doubt my favorite part of the trip. There were two activities we could do in the high ropes course: Jacobs Ladder and the Totem Pole. Jacobs Ladder was this giant ladder suspended from two large poles. The rungs started close together, but got wider the higher you went. The goal was to work with three other people to reach the top of the ladder. Our team had five minutes to climb the ladder and we all made it to the third rung, which I am proud of. The other team event we did was the Totem Pole. The goal of this activity was to climb up a 44-foot pole and balance on a platform at the top with three other people. This platform looked like it was only supposed to hold one person. It was nearly impossible fitting four people onto this very tiny, shaky platform! I didn’t know the three other members of my team before this challenge, so it was like an awkward, but fun meet-and-greet on the platform as we were all embracing each other to keep from falling. At 44 feet above the ground all social boundaries flew right out the window. I realize that 44 feet is not really that high, but when you’re at the top it feels like you’re looking down from the Empire State Building. It was absolutely terrifying! I loved the adrenaline rush from the high ropes course, but I also really liked that no one was taking themselves too seriously. Everyone was being silly and having a good laugh at each other. For a moment I could take my mind off of everything and just live in the moment.

Adventure Weekend was an incredible experience and a great adventure!!

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