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Barcelona- week 13

Some awesome things happened this week for sure.

My internship is going really well. On Monday, all of my coworkers went to get beers after work. We found this cool bar in John Lennon Plaza in Gracia, and talked for hours over multiple rounds of beer and chips. My boss even paid for it! Then, on Wednesday, my bosses invited me to lunch. They took me to this beautiful, expensive, and local place in Gracia. I tried the most “Spanish” things on the menu- cooked eggplant and pork cheek meat. It was so good, especially with the white wine, bread, and ice cream with chocolate! They also told me that they loved all the work I was doing for them, and one client loved my creative PowerPoint work so much that my bosses are getting more future business from them! 

The next night, I went out to get Greek food with my residencia. One of my friends is from Cyprus, and she took us to the best place in Gracia. She told us what we should order, and it was delicious! After, we got ice cream and watched a movie :)

On Thursday, it was raining pretty badly. So, I took that opportunity to go to the chocolate museum with a friend. It was really cool! We got to see entire figurines (like the Sagrada Familia and the house from the movie Up) made out of pure chocolate, and learn a little about the history. Our tickets to the museum were even a small chocolate bar. After, we went to an awesome local bar called Xampayenria. It had cheap wine, tapas, and was really casual and Catalan. We got to hang out there, go back to my residencia, have some wine, and then went to a club. 

On Friday, we started celebrating Sammy’s birthday weekend. We went to the light show on Montjuic, Plaza Espana for shopping and tapas, the 24 hour bread store for dinner, and my residencia for wine. 


Saturday, Sammy’s birthday, was a beach and bars day. We spent 4 hours on the beach, just hanging out, drinking wine, talking, and tanning. It was the most perfect day for hanging out at the beach, and it finally feels like summer. We got to climb a jungle gym and get into the sea! We went to this club we haven’t been to yet called Costa Breve. This local club played the perfect mix of top 40 hits and latino music, and we danced until 6 am!  

Holi, the Indian festival, was on Sunday, and my residencia went to go celebrate it! It was free entrance, and only 5 euros for 3 bags of color, so we had a great time throwing color at each other, seeing a parade, listening to India music, and dancing like lunatics. After, I went to the beach again – I’m definitely all about that beach life. 



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