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Madness and Mid-semester Break

Hi everyone!

I am so sorry this post is UNBELEVEABLY late. I have been crazy busy and my blog suffered. Now that I have gotten my apology out of the way let’s move on to the fun stuff. In the past few weeks I have done so many cool things! So without further ado I will get right to it.

First of all I was able to fulfil one of the goals of my trip, and that was to see my best friend Trevor who is currently studying in London. He came to Scotland for a weekend trip with his group and we were able to meet up in Edinburgh. I was a bit apprehensive about making the journey alone because I am the worst kind of directionally challenged so I convinced Emma to tag along and we had an absolute blast! We met up with Trevor and proceeded to have one of the best nights ever. We began the evening with a delicious dinner at an amazing restaurant called Maxine’s conveniently located on the Royal Mile just hop, skip, and a jump away from Edinburgh Castle. After the incredible meal we strolled up to the castle and took in the most beautiful view. The castle was closed, but not to worry because it was amazing just standing there and looking at all lit up. We then went in search of deep fried Mars Bars (which are apparently a very big deal). I tried a bite and I can only describe it as a breaded chocolate heart attack. The night ended with a couple of pints at a pub with some great live music.

The next week was a killer. We were bombarded with mid-semester assignments, which in my case took the form of essays. I am a terrible procrastinator so for those of you who are looking for tips about studying abroad my humble advice is to get a jump on your assignments as soon as possible. I finished them and was never so happy to hand in a couple of papers.

Mid-semester break had finally arrived and I had some alone time for a few days because everyone had left to go on their own adventures around Europe. Later that week I had plans to meet my aunt and cousin in Glasgow and then go with them to Dublin and spend a few days with my Irish family. My family arrived on Tuesday and I was able to show them around Stirling, then I went with them onto Glasgow. While booking my flight to Dublin I hadn’t noticed that I was to fly out of Glasgow Prestwick instead of Glasgow International airport. For those of you who don’t know Prestwick airport is not in Glasgow as its name might lead you to believe. That particular airport is in Ayr. Not Glasgow. So it was a bit interesting when I arrived at Prestwick to find an airport that was comparable in size to Logan Airport in Billings, Montana (pretty dinky).

Dublin was an absolute blast! I stayed with Derek and Madeline, some relatives who I actually hadn’t met before, but there was none of that awkwardness between strangers. I was immediately greeted with warm hugs and a cup of tea. My aunt and I did some exploring around Dublin which included a free bus ride, an interesting city tour, and standing in awe in Christ Church Cathedral. The cathedral itself was unbelievable, but the fact that ‘The Tudors’ had filmed there made it even better. All of that aside the best part of the entire experience was when Derek played ‘Hey Jude’ played on the harmonica just for me. I am not ashamed to say that I shed a few tears. Being such a huge Beatles fan I am not really into the whole cover thing, but I have to say that that was the best version of the son I have ever heard.

I was back in Stirling by Saturday morning working on another paper and I was completely content.

I have put some of the pictures from the trip below and I will be writing again soon to tell you all about my excursion to Skye!



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