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Vamos para el puerto

One of the last weekends in February consisted of a day trip to Puntarenas for Carnival. During this time everyone in Costa Rica goes to Puntarenas to  celebrate. Reservations are made weeks in advanced so trying to find a last minute place to stay in Puntarenas during Carnival is nearly impossible. Luckily the bus ride from San Jose is about 2 hours so it was easy to make it into a day trip.We left early Saturday morning and then took a bus back that night.

I have never seen so many people in one place during my time in Costa Rica. Everyone in Costa Rica goes to Puntarenas during this time, well at least it felt that way. The fastest way to get anywhere during this time is by walking on the beach and then getting back onto the sidewalk when you’ve gotten close enough to your destination. Everything Carnival related happens on the main strip called Paseo de los Turistas. The street vendors, restaurants and bars are mostly located on this strip as well.

Carnival is about two weeks long and everyday consists of different activities. The day that we went there was a reggae concert put on by Inner Circle, it was a  lot of fun. There were so many people and everyone was dancing and singing and just having a great time. We spent some of the day  at the beach. The beach at Puntarenas is nice. The water during this time was not too cold or too warm. It’s a sandy beach, no rocks. From the beach you could hear the music, we had a great time dancing in the water and watching all of the Ticos dance. At night, there was a parade down the Paseo de los Turistas. There were different groups advertising things but then also what seemed to be a lot of dance academies showing off their skills. The dancers were amazing. The performers all wore cool costumes and we even got to see some cool mime acts. The audience loved the parade and you could see people dancing and clapping along to the beat.

If you’re ever in Costa Rica during Carnival, this is not something you want to miss. Even if only for a day, go check it out.



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