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Puerto Viejo <3

Puerto Viejo is by far my favorite place in Costa Rica. Unfortunately it is the farthest place that I have been to. Going there on a Thursday afternoon, the bus ride was almost 5 hours, but on the way back it was about 4. Even so, this place is absolutely worth it. I had an amazing time! The beach is beautiful it is sandy and the water is a beautiful light blue color. What makes it better is that my brother was visiting that weekend so I got to spend one of my favorite weekends in Costa Rica with him.

The first thing we did was rent bikes. We were able to rent them for $5 a day. They were very helpful because the nice beaches are away from the center of town where most people stay. The breeze from riding the bikes also helped with the heat. At the beach the first day we rented boogie boards and I learned to boogie board. It was so much fun. The night life was also nice, everyone went to the same few places that were open but I think that just contributed to the fun of it all.

The second day we were in Puerto Viejo we rode our bikes down to Manzanillo. This was about an hour bike ride but it was definitely worth it and a lot of fun in a group. On the way there we saw black monkeys that are called Congos. And on the way back, I got to see a Sloth all cozy in a tree. One of the great things about the ride was that there were huge hills that make riding your bike there a lot of fun. We didn’t spend a lot of time at the beach in Manzanillo because it started to rain but it was just as nice as the other beaches in Puerto Viejo. The waves are much calmer the beach at Manzanillo is more like a cove.

I can’t wait to go back. Puerto Viejo is my favorite place in Costa Rica so far.


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