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I Saw The Light

Hello everyone! I know I know I am really bad at this whole keeping a blog thing it’s ok because I am about to blow up my blog.

So I went on this epic day trip with some of my friends done to Oamaru and the Moeraki Boulders about a month ago. Just to put this in perspective it was literally everything I thought a college road trip would/should be. Wake up early, get lost trying to find the rental car place, have several moments of terror as we leave the city, stop at KFC, play some silly car games and obviously have a blast.

Our first stop was the Moeraki Boulders which are about 20 minutes maybe south of the town of Oamaru. What makes these rocks so special is that they are perfectly round and they just look really cool. So being with two geologists we obviously spent over an hour there taking pictures and figuring out rock things. I got some amazing pictures of just the rocks and of me and my friends on them. (Check Facebook if you want to see) I should also mention that before that we stopped for lunch at KFC and it was definitely different from American KFC but it was still really good, like the chicken was definitely spicier and the fries were actually saltier which surprised me.

So food and rocks aside from there we went back through Oamaru and headed north a bit to go see some Maori cave paintings and the elephant rocks. Out of the two, the elephant rocks were definitely more interesting. They’re essentially huge limestone rocks in the middle of a sheep and cow field so that was cool. The Maori paintings would have been cooler if you could have actually seen them and if most of them hadn’t been removed…it was still interesting to see.

From there we headed back into Oamaru to try and see penguins but that cost money that we didn’t have so we nixed that idea and just walked around town. My flatware totally accidentally crashed a wedding and it was hilarious. Then we headed back and jammed out to some epic music (mine obviously) and got stuck once we got back into the city. There was apparently a person who had tried to jump off of an overpass bridge and police had stopped traffic so that they could help them which they did. It was an experience.

So definitely one of the best road trips I have done and I am so ready for another one. Until next time!


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