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Pickin Our Way Through Picton

Hey there!

So I thought that my road trip was amazing but I think my weekend in Picton might possibly have beat that. This was an IFSA sponsored trip and it was so much fun! We caught a bus to Picton on Friday afternoon and stopped for dinner in Kaikoura which is beautiful. We didn’t get into Picton until late but it was cool because we were all tired anyway and so just chilled and settled into our hostel.

The next day we were up bright and early for some kayaking among the Marlborough Sounds. They are stunning. I couldn’t keep my mouth shut or stop saying THIS IS SO PRETTY! What can I say? Mountains and water it’s my kryptonite. So we went on a guided kayak across the sounds and stopped in a little cove (current profile pic is from there) for some tea and coffee and a muesli slice. There were a lot of jellyfish in the area which was cool and also slightly scary to see. They didn’t sting though so that was nice. We also kayaked through huge groups of them and could reach out and touch them.

After our break we hauled butt back to Picton. It was a struggle because we faced massive head winds and my and my partner had to get towed part of the way haha but it worked out. Then we had lunch on the beach and it was beautiful weather nice and sunny! The. We had some free time to chill and explore the town.

The evening was spent at the Hanz Herzog winery and restaurant. We had a tasting of three white wines before dinner and a tour around the grounds. It was stunning to say the least. Dinner was the most amazing meal I have had since being here. I’m talking salmon, steak, yes STEAK, and coffee creme brûlée because that is definitely a thing. Also fantastic wine because duh. One of the best days I have had in New Zealand.

Following dinner me and two other friends went to find a glow worm cave which was probably one of the sketchiest and creepiest things I have done. We had to go through a trailer park and passed an abandoned cabin in the woods. Like i said totally creepy but it was worth it.

The next morning it was once again up bright and early but this time it was for dolphin swimming! Once again we were in the sounds and it was still absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately we didn’t get I’m the water because we saw Hector Dolphins and they are endangered. However they were still adorable and very playful and it was completely worth it! The rest of the day was spent traveling back to Christchurch on the train down the coast. It was a perfect ending to a great weekend.

All in all I felt like I walked away with a really great New Zealand experience and it for sure something that i will always remember and possibly visit again someday!



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