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I Forgot How to Student

Ok so I think I am finally caught up on my posts and will be recounting my final week before my three week Easter break which I am currently on!

So this past week at uni was my most stressful week thus far. I had two tests, an essay and an assignment due. The funny thing about this is that back home, this is a normal week for me. However here, I was just not having it because I have forgotten what it is like to be a real student. I don’t mean that I’m not learning because I am but they have a much different way of assessing knowledge here than back home which equates to not as many things but when you do have things they are all together at once. On top of that I was preparing for my two and a half week tour around South Island that me and some of my fellow IFSA Butler students planned out for ourselves. ┬áIt was funny because it was so different from back home and I felt silly being so stressed out but I also couldn’t help it.

So moral do hat story is I have chilled out a lot since being here. Currently I am in Nelson with my friends just hanging out for a fee days before we head off to Fox Glacier and then Queenstown! The adventure is just beginning and I will be blogging about it all later!



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