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Country Weekend

Dear America,

From cattle to kangaroos and venomous spiders – country weekend had it all. Back in my city apartment I can safely say that the countryside is a defining feature of Australia. Until a few days a go I was still a bit unsure about whether I was even in Australia – the only major difference were the accents and constant discussion of rugby. But after coming face to face with a Redback spider and watching lines of kangaroos hop through rolling green hills, I’m more than convinced I made it to the right country. Not only was the landscape an amazing one, but my host Aussie parents were just as great. They made sure I was well fed for the upcoming winter months and took us on an amazing tour of their cattle farm. Even though I’m a vegetarian no hostility was thrown my way which was appreciated.

This weekend I was able to experience the Australia I read about in wildlife magazines and saw on TV growing up. It was wild, unpredictable, and adventurous. I hope more than anything to experience it again. There was so much I learned about farm life and the effort that goes into it, as well as how landowners are at the constant mercy of nature. Only a few months ago the entire land was a scorched brown and bush fires were a constant threat. That was hard to imagine since everything was so green this past weekend; but that’s Australia for you. Of course I will stay in touch with my Aussie family and probably keep asking them more questions than they care to answer, but that trip was the most memorable excursion of the semester.



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