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A Varsity Victory

Studying at Cardiff in the spring one thing that is a bucket list must is an event called Varsity. Varsity is a one day event before spring break in which rivals Swansea and Cardiff face off in a plethora of sports from tennis to football (soccer for you Americans haha) and every sport in between. Teams from the two schools compete against each other through out the day in attempt to gain victory and points for their respective college.

Campus had been saturated with posters for months and as I talked to other students I realized just how big and important an event this would be. A friend and I bought our tickets immediately to ensure we would get the full packaged of the game, after party and t-shirt. The student union even put on a contest where you could submit a picture of your best “game face” to their twitter account for a chance of winning a free ticket package (not sure if I have ever mentioned this yet, but their student union at Cardiff Uni is AWESOME!)

Unfortunately, I decided to take one of my exams early to get it out of the way for spring break and finals time and for this reason didn’t get a chance to make it to any of the smaller events. But no worries, I heard the cheers roaring throughout campus – the spirit and excitement was evident. However, my friend from back home who joined the tae Kwon doe team for the semester actually got to compete in the event…um, how cool is that!?!?

After all of the smaller events had commenced the masses migrated to Millennium Stadium for the final match of the night. This was a huge event and nearly 13,000 students were in attendance sporting their school’s colors. Because we had bought our tickets so early we ended up at one of the end zones in the first row. This was my first rugby match and as much as people may try to say its similar to football, it’s not! I get football, and this completely had my lost! I refrained from cheering when I thought something good was happening for fear of being wrong and exemplifying my lack of knowledge in front of the entire section since I was in the front. One thing that did become pretty obvious was that the leg muscles on thes guys were absolutely massive- I seriously couldn’t get over it. The game was good but Swansea ended up defeating Cardiff, but it was a pretty close match. Naturally Cardiff’s biggest play of the entire game happened when I went to the bathroom-I’m going to say that my leaving was the luck they needed to complete the play (makes me feel a little better about missing it, ha!). Although Cardiff lost the rugby match, we won the overall competition!

Afterwards we finished the night at the lash which was packed, but a blast. We tended to continually return to the area that was playing 90’s music- sign of a true 90’s child I swear. Overall, varsity was a great way to spend time with everyone before the holiday break and to break away from studies. If you are here during the spring you might as well add it to your bucket list now, because the event is an absolute must. Who knows, maybe you’ll even compete in it!


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