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My Mini Amazing Race

Since the age of 8 I have been absolutely obsessed with the show The Amazing Race – I am determined that some day, one way or another, I will end up on it! When it came to planning spring break I had a few ideas of places I was interested in traveling to, but being on a student budget the route in which to do so needed to be the most cost effective. After a friend, Danielle, and I literally spent 12 hours planning out the first week and a half of break I realized just how much thought needed to go into determining how long to spend in each place, what would be the best way to travel and the list goes on and on. We had postponed making plans waiting to receive our exam schedules to make sure that we wouldn’t any exams in the first week of the the exam period. Luckily our exams weren’t for another few weeks after break, which meant the three week spring break would be the perfect time to explore. A friend of mine from back home who is also studying abroad in Spain already had some plans set. So, determined to meet up with her at a point, our plans mimicked part of hers which included Rome for Easter.

However, after Rome, Danielle was planning to head back since family would be arriving and I was determined to continue on. This equated to another 12 hours of planning, countless FaceTime calls to my mother and endless questioning if I was insane to be doing that much traveling by myself. The conclusion: Yes,I am crazy, but in one of the best ways possible! The week and a half travel by myself will be by far one of the scariest, most terrifying things I do in my life. But at the same time it will be one of the most challenging, exhilarating and empowering things I do for myself. Through out I will be hitting up cities in Spain where some girls from my sorority are studying. It’s comforting to know that I can meet up with them at some point and see a familiar face along my adventure. However, my final destination will be all on my own, but I am incredibly excited for the journey the entire trip will be. Besides going with a school group to Spain for three weeks where my teachers planned everything, I have never really been in another country nor have I ever made travel plans, to this extent, for myself. So, fingers crossed I am a natural travel agent and everything works in my favor!

Naturally, to complete my Mini Amazing Race theme, I searched Tesco for a reasonable travelers backpack to live out of for my 20 day journey. Luckily I found one and have stuffed it with the bare essentials. With all boarding passes and confirmations printed I am ready to fly, sail, metro, bus and whatever else it takes to explore places in this world I never imagined I would see at the age of 20. Let’s hope my sense of direction is keen and that all hours of planning were right! I’m off to my first leg, Athens, so wish me luck!!!

My itinerary:
Athens, Greece – 2 days
Mykonos Island, Greece – 4 days
Rome, Italy – 2 days
Barcelona, Spain – 2 days
Granada, Spain – 3 days
Seville, Spain – 3 days
Lisbon, Portugal – 3 days

When it comes to needing cheap and easy options for comparing flights or hostels side-by-side these resources were key! Also, don’t forget to check out reviews and ideas of things to visit and places to eat. Whether you go online or download the corresponding app don’t forget to utilize these tools!


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