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Barcelona – week 14

Spring break has started, and I have already been to Ibiza, Spain!

Ibiza was everything that a vacation should be. There was a prepaid trip called TripIbiza that probably 300 American students paid 200 euros for, but my friends opted to save the money and just go on our own and make our own fun. Turns out it was worth it- we snuck into one of their events, and another event was canceled due to one person’s drug use. Regardless, we had a much chiller, hanging out and drinking wine on the beach, trip.

The first day, after breakfast and a power nap, we went to a day party through TripIbiza. Hundreds of students were at a hotel pool and beach, dancing to music and socializing. My friends jumped right in, and had a lot of fun. After we went to get dinner and hung out in the hotel rooms all night. 

The next day, after I tanned on the beach alone for a couple of hours, my two friends Jordan and Sam found the most perfect beach with me. It was about a half hour walk on the sand and rocks on Ibiza, but completely worth it. The water was crystal clear, there were rocks to hike into the shore, and hiking to do. Most importantly, we just soaked up the sun, ate food, and drank beer. That night, we continued to go to dinner and hang out. My friends went to a club, but since it was 30 euros, I didn’t go (and am happy I didn’t- apparently it wasn’t anything like Barcelona night life, despite all of the rumors. I think we went during the off party season, whereas Barcelona is always busy). 

The next three days we all just chilled by the beach or pool. We tanned, went out on the rocks and jumped off, went on a couple hour-long hike to a far rock above the rest of Ibiza, listened to music, played games, ate good food, cooked some of our own food, and drank mojitos and wine. Loads of sunscreen later, I had a decent tan, no sunburn, a lot of wine, and bonding time with friends. 

Before I went to Ibiza, I started my break early by finishing a paper eating strawberries in the most beautiful park in Barcelona, and drinking wine on the Barcelona beach with friends before we all travelled different places over break. 

Next stop, Stockholm, Sweden to see family friends! Önska mig lycka till i Sverige, vänner!



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