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Break it down

Dear America,

Something about my crashing computer and twitchy left eye told me it was about time for an academic break. Thankfully Sydney Uni agreed and has graciously granted its students a week off to recharge our batteries before the final end-of-semester push. So here I am, at 2:00pm on a Tuesday, wearing sweatpants for the ___th consecutive day, watching Scrubs and wondering whether Zach Braff is a good actor or just funny looking. Either way he has really nice hair. And that will get you places. Unlike the majority of student travelers, I am taking a stay-cation and enjoying the sights of Sydney for the week. So far the sights of Sydney have consisted of my empty apartment and Coogee beach. But there are no complaints from over here on the couch – for the first time since arriving in Australia I can finally take a breath and just enjoy being here. Even though you go through the motions of arriving in a new country, getting situated, attending class, and trying to act like your life is totally together, your mind needs to catch up. The whirlwind of thoughts and feelings I’ve experienced over the last 2+ months have been draining/overwhelming at times, here is a look into the winding labyrinth that has been my thought process:


2. LOOK an Australian tree! And there’s a bird! And a person! The cars are on the left this is crazyyyy. No way, it’s Aussie bread – grab me some Vegemite mate! YEA AUSTRALIA

3. Oh ew no take the Vegemite away.

4. I so pale – BEACH

5. Wait grocery shopping? There’s no cafeteria with 100,001 food options? Well we all have to grow up eventually – it’s all part of the experience, right?

5a. All I bought was 2 types of cereal, some oranges, and salt. I don’t even really like oranges.

6. I haven’t been in school for 3 months and classes finally start tomorrow. What am I studying again?

7. This university is BIG.

8. So many Aussie friends to make! Yay new friends! Yay Australia! YAY

9. … I say hi first, or should I wait, or…..

10. Thank you Facebook for reminding me about all the people and events I’m missing. Awesome.


12. NO. There’s a spider in my kitchen, should I call the police?? Google it Google it! Is it poisonous? Use Bing!  WHERE’D IT GO??

13. I’m sorry, this one assignment is worth 20% of my final grade? Oh it’s 30%? Perfect.

14. Obamacare. Yes I know what it is. No I’d rather not debate it in the middle of History class.

15. Facebook – Can everything back home just stop until next semester? Thanks.

16. If I had a nickel for every tear I shed over spending money on laundry, I’d have the Prime Minister washing my clothes himself.

17. Biology lab + confusion = friends made.

18. Purchased more than breakfast food at grocery store.

19. Have not gotten lost in city within last 2 weeks.

20. Understand Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion.

21. Wait, it’s almost May?

Wow, how I’ve grown. It is incredible to think that one more month and I’ll be buckling down for finals and looking for cheap souvenirs I can legally bring home. I’m sure between now and then this list will continue to grow. But it’s pretty cool to look back and know how far you’ve come – now I just need to figure out the whole ‘currency’ business.

Sweetly, Caroline





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