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Fun and Food in Alex

Edit: So wow I found this floating around in my drafts folder. I thought I posted it. Its from about the middle of the semester.

So right near my dorms there is not much to do. There is a round-about called Izzbit Saud and down Izzbit Saud is this street market. I’m not sure how to describe it. Some parts are dirty, brutish affairs. Some things make you question how everyone in Egypt hasn’t died from salmonella or some other kind of food poisoning. But others are perfectly clean and vaguely trust worthy. They have all kinds of fruits. Most of it seems legitimate. Others make me turn away because of all the flies.

You can buy live rabbits and chickens. But presumably the rabbits are for eating and not for cuddling, which is sad because they all look very cuddly. As we walked down the street one kid held up a headless chicken and says to us “Hey Americans?! You want buy chicken?!” It was funny. There are also pharmacies and sweety/pastry shops and we buy falafel and fool from a little hole in the wall near the top of the market.

I played football/soccer with all the kids from my floor on a regulation size stadium. It was so much fun. Egyptians take football seriously. They would stop the game every 5 or 10 minutes to argue about a foul or something. I was ok with it because I’m out of shape and after some serious running I would need a breather. But it bothered the american kids to stop all the time just for a pickup game. I’m not very good at football but I guess I’m pretty fast because I could keep up with everyone. Robert, one of the IFSA students, and Dean and Morgan, two private students, ended up joining the rugby team. I would love to play but I’d just get wrecked. Rugby is like football without the pads. Dean is built like a tank and he got hurt the first night of practice. But John, another student here, is taking me to this gym he found on Monday and I’m going to get a membership and a trainer. Get all buff and whatnot for when I go to Dahab. (This didn’t really happen. The gym was small and sad even though it was in a nicer club, so we only went a few times. I remained squishy and unbuff for Dahab).

We went out dancing for another Egyptian kid’s birthday. It was kinda funny because we went to this westernized dive bar called the Mermaid and almost nobody drank. They played the strangest imported American music too. At one point they played You Are My Sunshine. The music got a lot better once they stopped trying to play American stuff and started playing dance music. EVERYBODY danced. Even me and I generally avoid dancing (of course I was also the heaviest drinker at an extremely alcoholic 3 beers in 4 hours). It was crazy amounts of fun. I’ve never been to a bar or party in general and had that much fun. What made it even more interesting from a sociological perspective is that there were only 4 girls there and only 2 of them were good looking. So the guys mostly just danced with each other, or formed a circle while one person showed off in the center. I thought it was interesting because I can’t imagine that ever happening in the states. Men are too afraid of being accused of homosexuality to dance with other dudes.

The whole Alex IFSA crew and I went out to this fancy fish restaurant. It was really nice and we thought it was really classy. Then Trevor noticed the cat sitting on the windowsil next to me watching me eat my fish. I had fresh caught sea bass. Everyone else had red snapper. My giant 2 pound fish, my drink, my appetizer of ..deep fried shredded shrimp balls.. and my share of the appetizer spread cost me $14.05. In America that meal would have cost me 50 bucks. Afterwards we walked along the Korniche and found this juice bar. Juice is not the right word for it though. Its more like a smoothie. But it was delicious.

As far as my daily intake is concerned, breakfast is a couple fried eggs, this tough but thin pita pocket, and fool. My fool comes in different consistencies from the careteria depending on .. who knows what. Sometimes its thick like refried beans. Sometimes its thin like chili.

Dinner every night was chicken and rice, or kofta and rice, and some kind of vegetable stew. It was good, but after a while it got old eating the same thing every day.


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