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I’m Back!

Where from? …First of all from a four day trip to Campeche, Palenque, and Bonampak during our September break, though that’s hardly news by now.  And also, of course, from a several week long absence from this blog while I’ve been struggling to upload my pictures from said trip.  I WILL figure it out, I promise, and they’ll be up here as soon as possible.  In the meantime though..

I decided at the very last minute (meaning, the morning we ended up leaving) to spend my September break traveling with two friends (who are also exchange students, from Baja California.)  We set out to Campeche on the day of El Bicentenario without knowing where we would go, where we would stay, or exactly when we were going to get back to Merida.

We got back four days later, slightly worse for wear due to lack of sleep and showers, our feet being covered with ant bites from the second cabin we stayed in, and down one computer (stolen from my friend on the bus, we believe) and the contents of my wallet (which I had left on  different bus.)

In between, we saw the bicentennial celebration in Campeche, visited the Palenque and Bonampak ruins and the water falls at Agua Azul, played hide and seek with three or four children in Crucero Bonampak, ate several bags of rambutans (a lichi-like fruit that is popular in Palenque,) and spent as little money as possible on transportation, food, and shelter.

I have pictures of almost all of this – and I WILL get them up here, I promise.

I feel like I’m definitely settling into life here in Merida – But finally really  having people I want to see, places I want to go, and  things I want to do has also made me realize how much of the semester has already passed – and how much I’ll miss it here when I leave.

I’m off now to Yaxunah with the rest of the IFSA Butler group – add that to the list of things I need to post photos of!


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