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I Seen A Rainbow Yesterday (pt. 3 of 3 on Iguazú)

Hello again.  Thanks for bearing with me as I bombard you with a deluge of dumb Iguazú reflections (kinda like the waterfall bombarded me with water AYYYO (I need to stop)).  If you want to read my other reflections on the falls, check them out here and here.  I have since returned to the wonderful city of Buenos Aires, and am now contentedly typing this up in a lovely cafe in Palermo whilst drinking a delicious café con leche.  Life is rough.

It’s also Easter Sunday today, which is a pretty big deal in a city that is overwhelming Catholic.  Folks call it Pascua, but the bunnies and chocolate eggs are as big a deal here as they are in the States.  However, my host family didn’t really do an Easter Egg hunt so much as we just ate a bunch of chocolate and talked about why rabbits are a symbol for the rebirth of Christ (My host dad posits that it is because rabbits are very fertile, and thus a good symbol for birth…).  Then, we got dressed up all fancy and went me out to an Easter asado, so between that and my copious chocolate consumption I feel contentedly stuffed.  Three cheers for food.

ALSO I HAVE PICTURES FROM IGUAZÚ.  Feel free to Czech ‘em out.  Please excuse the terrible picture quality; I was using the “camera” feature of my video camera because I forgot to charge my actual camera before I left for the Falls.  Struggz.

Anyway, here’s a few more Iguazú reflections comin’ your way.  

The Garganta At Night: Three Haikus about my favorite waterfall of the lot


Darkness drops, wind stops

nothing keeps the spray away

raincoats necessary

(This was inspired by the amazing amount of spray of water the the Garganta generated when I was there. During the day it isn’t too much to deal with because there was a stiff breeze, but at night the wind drops and the spray turns into veritable rainshowers)


Light is dimmer now

Rainbows have turned to moonbows

Shyer, but gorgeous

(I saw a moonbow in the water vapor)


Long exposure leads

to the illusion of day

but why hide the night?

(My dad took some long exposure photographs of the falls with a 25 second lens exposure, and it looked like daytime when they came out.  Pretty cool lights up our world, but sometimes we can bring too much artificial light into our daily lives)

Aaaaand here’s a BONUS Haiku! 

The ancient belly

of Earth spawns priceless jewels

My belly, less so  

Thanks, everyone, for putting up with my silly artistic venture.  I had a truly wonderful time at the falls, and I there’s still so much more I could share, but I have to move on and talk about other parts of my life.  Stay tuned for more current updates next week!  You are all awesome for reading, and feel free to facebook, email, or comment if you want to say hi.




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